Route 252 - it's ALL ABOUT KIDS

Route 252 is helping kids on their journey with Jesus. 

Our driving verse is Luke 2:52, which reads, “And Jesus grew in stature and wisdom and in favor with God and man.”   That is our goal for every kid in Route 252! 

We meet each Wednesday night to equip kids to know Jesus on a personal level for themselves and grow IN Him. Route 252 is for ages 2 to 12. Our staff firmly believes that a child is never too young to start learning about Jesus! The Route 252 staff is led by Joy Brown and features a team of volunteers passionate about children's ministry and dedicated to investing into the lives of your children. Route 252 employs a comprehensive program that focuses on reinforcing simple Biblical principles and presenting ideas in kid-friendly ways that are easy to understand and remember. 

Each Wednesday night consists of worship, a power-packed lesson, crafts, snacks, games and so much more. Children are able to share their praise reports or prayer requests, which they pray over as a group. They also have weekly Scripture memorization and Bible Reading. 

Once a month, we have open service where we have live worship led by the kids, a special speaker, and a special time of prayer and seeking the Lord at the end of service. Once a quarter, we hold a special game or movie night and also have quarterly field trips as a class. 

If you have children ages 2 to 12, please make sure they don't miss out on Route 252 each Wednesday night!  Check-in begins at 7:20 p.m. All children should enter and be picked up through the double-door entrance of the Fellowship Hall. Children must be signed in and out by their parent or legal guardian. Thank you for your cooperation as we work to ensure the safety of our kids! We can’t wait to see your child in Route 252! We promise you he/she will love it! For more information, contact Joy Brown at